- "Say I Do" is a guarantee of elegance, refinement, taste and imagination: the staff experience in the world of luxury events give life to a project that reinterprets the day of your Wedding so unique and original.

    The Agency is responsible for providing a full range of services for the perfect organization of the event. Say I Do makes it magical, personalizing every detail with fantasy and simplicity, creating an unforgettable atmosphere and always different, designed to reflect your tastes and desires.


    We offer customized and innovative solutions, always according to research and continuous market evolutions, with the aim of increasing their enthusiasm and curiosity towards our customers more and more.


    For Say I Do Weddings, the artistic strategy, the creative concept, the production of the event and the coordination of services live in synergy to build real experiences.


    The creation of each event is always inspired by a sense of beauty and creates a strong empathy with customers who have always made our choices highly competitive.


    For Say I Do Weddings, the creative concept and the artistic strategy of the production of each event, live in synergy with the coordination to build real magical experiences.
    thomas dal zotto
    This is me 
    My name is Thomas Dal Zotto, I was born in 1973 in Veneto, a region that I will leave very soon to live multiple experiences both in Italy and abroad.

    Fashion is my first great love, and it is precisely at this juncture that with the experience gained alongside established entrepreneurial realities, I have been able to develop and nurture contacts and relationships that are fundamental for my career and life. 


    Friendship then, with an important PR, meant that everything took shape, "Working in the world of events was like climbing a ladder, it was so natural that we couldn't believe it" is what I tell when I talk about the second part of my working life. 

    Interpreting the desires of others, listening and memorizing emotions and giving body to them, gave vent to my creative skills by developing a consolidated activity of producing events. But my secret lies in the innate ability to "always stay with your feet on the ground" working to be up to their expectations.

    The trips then, are the continuous mechanism of movement that makes everything succeed in taking shape, the colors, the flavors, the perfumes help to realize even the unrealizable, what is just a thought, a desire ... to think .. .to ... make "give shape to beauty".

    "Time should not be measured in hours and minutes, but in transformations."
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