MOOD TRENDS 2021 - "password" - Natural Wedding

I would like to draw with you, during these months that separate us from 2021, a guideline "MOOD TRENDS" for accuracy, where we will find out what the new trends in terms of settings, colors and moods for your wedding can be. Of course, everything will vary according to the tastes and desires of your spouses.

Following a trend means imitating a proposed or widely spread idea destined to last months or even years. Just as in fashion, #wedding trends also evolve continuously as they are influenced by changes in our society and the time in which we live.

For each trend there is a precise but customizable style made of a thousand facets, since #marriage is a subjective event and there is no standard that can adapt to the different personalities or tastes of future spouses. Updating on the latest trends means having new ideas on which to draw inspiration to define the style that best represents us. By doing so, you will be facilitated in selecting the right suppliers with which to develop a design project that reproduces your #wedding as you dreamed it.

In a reality that has remained almost paralyzed for months because of the global pandemic, the trends of 2021 will follow in some ways those of 2020 but with a particular attention to simplicity and nature.

#Naturalwedding is one of those trends chosen by the spouses with a delicate but unconventional soul.

The classic leaves room for a non-conformist style with a bohemian flavor with a small dose of démodé ... almost vintage, up to the most romantic / trendy, in any case every small decorative detail becomes the common thread of the wedding.

The color palette of the #naturalwedding reproduces the shades of the environment and the chosen season, being the nature protagonist of this mood trend.

The soft colors in different shades for spring and winter or brighter and more contrasting shades for summer and autumn: the spouses who choose the #naturalwedding can play with a wide choice of extravagant colors such as purple, yellow, orange and blue or delicate colors, such as powder pink or blue, to be combined with the non-color color ... white.

The floral decorations appear apparently wild, in reality they are the result of careful and accurate work: they give shape to a nature decomposed with lightness and informality but with an elegant and romantic soul.

Locations with a traditional flavor and surrounded by greenery are the most suitable for a #naturalwedding.

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