MOOD TRENDS 2021 - Eco-Friendly Wedding

#Eco-friendly #wedding is the trend that is supported by the spouses who care about the environment.

An increasingly modern #MOOD, which goes well with the #countrychic style in which the rustic blends with good taste so as to create an informal but refined wedding.

The elements with the colors of the earth are in the foreground: raw wood combines with green vegetation together with natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, canvas and jute with white, ivory or ecru nuances. The same #natural colors can also be found in the #looks of the spouses who choose #natural or #lecofriendly. The dresses, in ecological fabrics such as #canapa, #cotone or #seta, give the bride an ethereal but sophisticated air, the #makeup is almost always delicate and inaudible like the hairstyle of the hair, seeds collected with soft waves.

The zero environmental impact is the goal of the #green #wedding which also influences the #fiori choice. The centerpieces are preferably composed of wildflowers or #natural elements, the visual impact is always of great effect, but the environmental sense is still respected.

The most appreciated locations are always the old farmhouses, the farms or #masseria , adorned with rows of #outdoor lights, are the right places for a #wedding inspired by this trend.

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