MOOD TRENDS 2021 - Glamour Wedding

The trend of #wedding glamor, although not part of the trends of 2021, still remains a must that never fades.

The baroque style mixes with the classic one, a trend loved by couples who want a wedding in the name of pomp.

The "glamorous trend" is luxury without excess thanks to the selection of elaborate decorative elements but combined with simpler and more elegant details. For the wedding day, a triumph of flowers, drops and long drapes of precious fabric triumphs so as to create scenographies unforgettable.

The color palette embraces the delicate pastel shades of pink combined with total white between golden details and crystals.

The ideal setting is certainly fairytale with classic scenarios such as medieval castles, period villas and famous historic houses perhaps illuminated by a light designer to make the atmosphere more magical. For unforgettable ceremonies, surely the backdrop of a calm blue sea or an enchanted lake, will make your #wedding glamor absolutely magic.

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