MOOD TRENDS 2021 - Minimal Wedding

The minimal #wedding is the most contemporary trend for a sober #wedding with a modern style.

The word minimalism embodies essentiality in the choice of details, not to be confused, however, with miserable, which has nothing to do with our style. Each stylistic choice is carefully studied behind an accurate planning, through a #wedding stationery and a clean, sober but elegant design. I like to approach it with those couples with a strong but discreet personality ... certainly not obvious.

Natural colors, together with total white, are the protagonists of the scene, accompanied by details with more intense colors.

Never forget the flower aspect: it is the latter that give shape to innovative creations with precise but never predictable lines. The look of the newlyweds will have the same essential essence. The clothes will have clean and rigorous lines, light make-up and a soft harvest will bring the word "ethereal" to the protagonist of this day, the #bride.

The ideal setting is a location with a modern, but not cold, design, also in this case total white will dominate.

This type of event outlines a trend that goes well with the so-called "mini weddings" for intimate #weddings where you celebrate with those who have the pleasure of having them around. (max. 50 pax.)

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